Dog Treadmill Medium

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    This machine is designed to help your dog run anytime, anywhere. If you often suffer from problems such as work, weather, venue, etc. and cannot let your dog get enough exercise, or your dog is just undergoing physical recovery training, we believe this product will definitely help you.

    Size: Medium


    Color: Black

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    Keep your dog healthy: Adhere to do daily exercise by our dog treadmill, you can control the dog's weight, exercise muscles, moderate exercise will produce positive stimulation of the dog's brain, help the dog's brain develop healthily, vent emotions and energy so that you can harvest a smart and happy dog. If your dog is undergoing surgery and is undergoing rehabilitation or has arthritis, a professional treadmill will help control the amount of exercise you need every day.

    Suitable for various scenarios: Dogs are mostly energetic, and if they are not effectively released, they will be depressed, damage furniture, and aging physical functions. Whether it's busy at work and don't have time, in hot summer, cold winter, want to be lazy, or special weather such as: wind, rain, snow, this dog treadmill can be the perfect way to exercise without going out or helping to train your dog to keep them healthy.

    Intimate and safe design: The treadmill is non-electric and will not force your dog to run. It can be stopped at any time, and you can also interact with your pets. The treadmill frame is made of solid carbon steel, and the tracks are made of solid wood to prevent the dog's paws from being bruised. The retractable and raised frame can be used by different sizes dogs. Besides, we add special wheels to make it easy to move the treadmill to where you want to place it.

    Easy assembly: The treadmill overall structure is simple, quick installation within 20 minutes, you can see various accessories, installation tools and instructions after unboxing, we will also provide installation videos to solve your installation worries.

    NOTE: The treadmill is suitable for medium-sized breeds with a shoulder height of 23.6 inches (60 cm), a chest width of less than 16.5 inches (42 cm), and a weight of 220 pounds or less. Always supervise when using the treadmill and stop it manually if needed. After unpacking, you can first check whether the relevant accessories are complete. If there is any problem, please contact our customer support service@toy-mommy.com, we'll try our best to resolve your issues and offer a better user experience.

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    Your Furry Deserves The Best

    Some of the most common paw injuries are caused by repetitive jumping and running in rough ground when your dog doing their favourite spots.

    The ToyMommy® Treadmill has taken these common scenes that can easily hurt your dogs in to consideration and been designed to help alleviate and prevent those injuries.

    With the soft and smooth wooden treadmill tracks combined with multiple height settings, your lovely friends will receive the most meticulous care when doing exercise. We promise and make sure all the materials we use are all the most high qualities.

    Why ToyMommy®

    There are many dog treadmill options available in United States. After months of testing and refining, we are confident to call out we have provided the most functional and practical design on the market at the best price
    Aluminum alloy wheels are both durable and modern designed.
    Height-adjustable leash fits dogs of all sizes.
    The front double pulleys not only ensure the inclination of the treadmill, but also make it easy to move.
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    Aluminum alloy wheels
    Replaceable soft tracks
    Height-adjustable chainstays and body
    Front wheels to be moved more easily
    Gasket for leveling in indifferent places
    Modular design for easy maintenance
    Options for all dogs with different sizes
    Electronic manual and installation tutorial


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