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Ruining as in nature, accompany as their mommy.


ToyMommy® dog treadmill began in 2015 with an American pet lover who had a small dog named Buddy. Buddy was a very lively and active little dog, but due to his owner’s work, he often had to leave home for long periods of time. The owner found that when he came home, Buddy was always very excited and anxious, often running around and damaging furniture. The owner realized that Buddy needed more exercise and attention, but because of his busy work schedule, he couldn’t take Buddy for walks often.

The owner began looking for a way to let Buddy exercise at home. He found that there were already some dog treadmills on the market, but they were bulky, difficult to move, and expensive. So he decided to design a dog treadmill himself that was both easy to use and affordable.

After many attempts and improvements, the owner finally designed a perfect dog treadmill. This treadmill not only allows Buddy to exercise at home but also helps him consume excess energy and reduce bad behavior. The owner was very satisfied with this product and began recommending it to friends.

Soon, more and more pet lovers began asking about this product and expressing their willingness to buy it. The owner decided to establish a brand and named this product ToyMommy® dog treadmill. He believes that every pet should receive enough exercise and attention and is committed to providing you with the best products and services to ensure your pet’s health and happiness.

We believe

Life is about movement, running is the best movement type for dogs. Running is innate and coming from their nature.

"Life is about movement, and for pets, health cannot be separated from reasonable exercise."
From a physiological health perspective, exercise can effectively promote the dog’s blood circulation, activate the muscles, ligaments, joints and bones throughout the body, maintain the normal and stable operation of the digestive tract, and avoid problems such as bloating, indigestion, constipation, etc.
So how much exercise does a pet dog need every day?

According to research data, small dogs need 3-5 kilometers of exercise per day, medium dogs need 5-10 kilometers of exercise per day, and large dogs need more than 10 kilometers of exercise per day.

Running is innate. The ancestor of pet dog is wolf. The concept of the tribe has always been engraved in its genes. In its world, the owner is a member of the tribe who accepts the owner’s food distribution and shows obedience to the owner. It depends on the owner very much. However, if a dog cannot get enough running to release emotions because its owner does not have time to accompany it and stays in a closed room for a long time, its mentality will change!

What are some problems with a pet dog’s mentality and what symptoms will it have?


Dogs develop distrust of humans and have psychological shadows. In behavioral science, it manifests as irritability, barking at people easily, guarding food and having strong territorial awareness with aggression.


In behavioral science, it manifests as mental depression, loss of appetite, ignoring the owner’s call. It is a precursor to depression.

Delusional disorder:

In behavioral science, it manifests as barking wildly at some empty direction for no reason or showing abnormal fear towards certain objects.

Nature is the source of innatebehavior

Trust ToyMommy® and give your pets a lifestyle close to nature